Broken Key Extraction Causes – Homeowners Need to Prevent This From Happening

Experienced and licensed locksmiths are able to quickly and safely extract a broken key from a cylinder and replace it with another one. If it was already damaged by the jammed key, only to have the proper equipment necessary to extract broken keys from locks and wouldn’t ever have to replace the lock itself. However, if the key is still in good working order, and locked with a deadbolt, a screwdriver can be used to remove the key and insert a new one into the cylinder. Then the old broken key can be replaced by the new one and the process repeated until the lock is once again operational.

Many modern cars have some sort of ignition system that ensures that the car will start in the event of a keyless entry. However, many older cars, as well as some newer ones, have a battery. When the battery dies, the car usually cannot be started unless a power source is supplied from somewhere. This means that in the case of broken key extraction, the person must locate a method of providing power to the ignition so that it will work. In many cases, a screwdriver or a pair of pliers can be used to remove the battery from the ignition and then the screws and bolts hold it in place can be pried off. With the battery out, the key can be easily removed and the ignition system can be unplugged.

Broken key extraction can also happen if the lock has been damaged. When the pins on a cylinder are worn or have been damaged, it becomes nearly impossible to open the cylinder without the proper tools. Typically, a locksmith will replace the entire lock if this is the case, although they may suggest replacing the ignition so that it can work properly again. In any case, this type of damage will prevent you from re-keying the lock.

Keys can be stolen from a home security system, which is another common cause for broken key extraction. Many homeowners place their alarm system’s remote control on the inside of the house, near the front door. If these keys are lost or stolen, then the homeowner will have no way of determining who has done this crime or, in many cases, will not know that it has been done.

Keys are often taken from vehicles. If the correct keys are extracted, then there is a significantly lower chance that the car will be found and returned to the owner. If an emergency situation should occur and the lock mechanism of a vehicle is locked, then the person needing to get into the vehicle will need to find some way to break a window or force the windows to be opened so that the access code to the vehicle can be released. In many cases, this is the most common cause of broken key extraction, but it is still something that many homeowners could do themselves in order to gain access.

Damaged locks are yet another cause for broken key extraction. Locks may become damaged either because of misuse or because of damage that occurs during the installation process. Locks may also become damaged during normal use and as a result of sustained pressure against them. Locks can also become damaged when they are placed in a wrong combination or if they are installed poorly. When any of these problems occurs, then the lock mechanism can be accidentally damaged and keys might be accidentally left in the lock and rendered inoperable.